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7 awesome things to do if you only have a weekend in Darwin, Australia

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The city of Darwin in Australia is a very tropical place to be in. However, you can go there all year long to make a splash at the beach or do some nature-related activities that you will cherish forever. In this article, I will enlist all the awesome things to do if you only have a weekend in Darwin, Australia.

Darwin’s Deckchair Cinema

Are you a fan of watching movies and the outdoors? Darwin’s Deckchair Cinema is the perfect place for you. This is the most popular open-air cinema not just in the city but also in the whole country. There are various movie slots to choose from and it’s a perfect setting for your date night.

Crocodile Cruise

When you love crocodiles and would love to see them in person, ride a crocodile cruise in the Adelaide River passing through Darwin. Tour guides and safety experts are guiding all the tourists safely. A great thing about the Crocodile Cruise is that it’s available every single day.

Darwin City Lagoon

To freshen up and relieve the heat of the sun (because the weather in Darwin is only wet and dry), soak yourself in the waters of Darwin City Lagoon. And because it is connected to the ocean, there is a filter to maintain its cleanliness.

World War II Darwin Oil Storage Tunnels

If you are a big fan of history, specifically the world war, heading over to the World War II Darwin Oil Storage Tunnels is the right thing to do. The whole place is very historical for the people who live here. There are tour guides and information posts where you can learn more about it.

Mindil Beach Sunsets Market

After a tiring day roaming around the city, the best way to recharge is to eat the delicious street food and other authentic dishes sold in the streets of Midil Beach Sunset Market. Almost all of the famous dishes from all over the world are served here.

Darwin Botanic Gardens

And because Darwin is a tropical city, flowers and other luscious plants are located here and are taken care of at the Darwin Botanical Gardens. There are also a variety of tall trees in the area.

Mindil Beach Casino Resort

Lastly, you can go to the Mindil Beach Casino Resort and play some games. There is a variety of them like slot games and more. However, if you wish to spend the remainder of your weekend trip in Darwin at the hotel, you can play online casino games (www.casinoadvice.io) while drinking your coffee or tea.

Darwin, Australia is a great city to spend your weekend getaway with friends and family. Just spend your time wisely in order to utilize every minute


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