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Unit and construction market looks towards a new era of stability

  • Written by Strata Community Association (NSW)

The peak strata industry body in New South Wales representing the interests of all strata industry stakeholders says it is confident the era of construction and certifier cowboys will come to an end, starting this week, with the introduction of new powers for the State’s Building Commissioner, David Chandler.

It says the apartment, unit and construction market can look towards a new era of stability and confidence in the built product and wants Commissioner Chandler to “name and shame” any entities in the construction sector found to still be operating in a substandard manner.

Strata Community Association NSW State President, Chris Duggan, said the industry is turning to Commissioner Chandler to take a hard-line stance against the small percentage of the construction and private certification sector that has damaged NSW construction and consumer confidence.

“We have full confidence in David Chandler and his no nonsense style.

“We have been calling for a new era in construction for the last three years and Commissioner Chandler has worked with us to deliver new powers that will run the cowboys out of town.” 

Mr Duggan said he hoped the Commissioner’s Office would name and shame the worst of the offenders, under new powers to allow Government inspectors to enter sites, demand records and delay certification if needed.

“They have cost our State millions in repairs and reputation damage and they need to be held to account.”

Homeowners have been slugged with more than $10b worth of building defect bills over the last decade; and apartment owners are found to have defect bills 10% more expensive than a standard house with similar defects.

Everyday mums and dads have been forking out for years to pay for the incompetence/greed of these rogue developers.

Mr Duggan said he had been in regular contact with Commissioner Chandler and he had been impressed that the Commissioner had gone out of his way to involve all sectors of the strata and construction industries in policy development.  

“It has been a team effort, but David Chandler has led from the front.”

“We believe this is a new era for NSW residents to have confidence in the apartment, unit and townhouse market and to get a quality product for their money.

“The era of construction cowboys in NSW comes to an end this week under Commissioner Chandler’s new powers.”