This City of Museums is Deserve to be Put on Your Wishlist, Especially if You Are a First-Timer to Australia

Sydney is a multicultural city that has a lot of art in it. You can find street art on the city's outskirts and world-class art galleries. Sydney museum are countless, some of which can be visited for free. This article shares recommendations for the best museums in Sydney and hotel recommendations that you can book.

Best Museums You Must Visit in Sydney

Museums are one of the popular destinations in Sydney. Below are several museum recommendations you can consider visiting while on holiday in Sydney.

1. Art Gallery of New South Wales

When visiting Sydney on holiday, check out the Art Gallery of New South Wales. It is a prominent art destination in the city, housing a diverse collection that includes Australian, Classical European, and Asian works. While exploring the museum, you can also experience film screenings live music performances and savor the cuisine at the gallery's cafe and restaurant.

2. Australian Museum

The Australian Museum is the first museum in Australia, established in 1827. This museum displays more than 21 million collections. The Australian Museum is also home to the Australian Museum Research Institute, which is widely used for natural, social, historical, and cultural science research.

3. Australian National Maritime Museum

The Australian National Maritime Museum has a collection from 1606, when the first Europeans landed on Australian shores. This museum preserves the maritime stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Here, you can gain knowledge about the diversity of Australian marine life.

Hotel Recommendation in Sydney

Here is a list of recommended hotels in Sydney that you can book on Traveloka.

1. The Grace Hotel

Address: 77 York Street, Sydney CBD, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2000

Price: Starts from AU$ 279.00 (Signature Superior King - 1 King Bed)

The Grace Hotel is near New South Wales State Library and Australian Square. This hotel is also near Wynyard Railway Station, making it easier for visitors to get around Sydney. Meanwhile, for the facilities provided, there is a free mini bar in the room containing juice, coffee, water, and pop.

2. Veriu Central

Address: 75 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney CBD, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2000

Price: Starts from AU$ 199.00 (Micro Double - 1 Full Bed)

Staying in a strategically located hotel can make it easier for you to reach various tourist attractions in Sydney. You can consider Veriu Central because in this hotel area, you can easily find public transportation that can take you around the city. This modern-style hotel provides everything guests need during their stay, from friendly staff to complete facilities that can make your holiday more memorable.

3. Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney

Address: 11 Jamison Street, Sydney CBD, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2000

Price: Starts from AU$ 231.00 (Deluxe King - 1 King Bed)

Offering beautiful city views from inside the room, Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney is the recommended hotel to choose when on holiday in Sydney. This hotel provides complete relaxing facilities, such as a hot tub, spa, sauna, and steam room.

Tips for Visiting Sydney

Here are tips for holidaying in Sydney, especially for first-timers:

1. Check out the Sydney Events Calendar

When you want to visit this city, you can check the calendar of events in Sydney so you can enjoy them at the same time, for example, the exhibition you have been wanting to visit.

2. Use Opal Card

You can use the Opal Card to get around Sydney with public transportation because it often provides discounts for specific programs.

3. Bring a Drinking Water Bottle when Going Around the City

There is plenty of tap water available in Sydney, and it can be drunk safely. To cut your budget by not buying mineral water, you can bring your drinking water bottle, which will then be filled with tap water. 

There are many museums in Sydney that you can visit while on holiday in the city. Apart from that, there are many other interesting places in Sydney.  Let’s plan your trip to visit the best museum in Sydney with Traveloka. You can use this application to buy plane tickets, book hotel rooms, and other vacation needs.