Aussie Road Trip – Everything You Need to Know for Your Next Adventure

  • Written by NewsServices.com

Going on a road trip in Australia is the best way to explore the major tourist attraction sites, hidden gems and the beautiful landscapes that span for thousands of miles. You need to plan properly for the trip, including the route you will drive on, the budget and the equipment you will need among other things. Before embarking on your next adventure, you should plan the;

The road trip itinerary

You can plan the route according to the attraction sites you desire to see. For inspiration, you can try out the Big Lap, which appeals to travellers of all backgrounds and ages. This route goes through 15,000 kilometres of Highway One and connects seven capital cities including Brisbane, Darwin, Sydney and Broome. As you cruise along the Big Lap, you will pass through sleepy little towns, a vibrant rainforest and sandy beaches.

Alternatively, you can drive along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, which is 243 kilometres long and passes along Australia’s breath-taking coastline, Twelve Apostles and the rainforest.

Means of travel

If you want to stay in the country for a few weeks, you should rent a car. You should book it in advance because rentals are usually not available in the high season. If you want to be comfortable during the trip, you should choose a vehicle that fulfils your needs, whether that is a motorhome with utilities such as toilets, a well-organised van, a campervan or a car with a roof tent. Alternatively, you can go with a tour company or use public transport.

Where to sleep in a vehicle

You will easily find places to sleep such as resting areas and inexpensive camping sites. Moreover, you will find areas with toilets, showers and other amenities that you can utilise during your journey.


You need to have the necessary equipment to get the best experience. For instance, you must have a good phone plan such as Telstra to communicate with loved ones in case of an emergency. You also need to use a proper internet connection service provider to access online tools like GPS, best online casinos and other useful apps such as Camp8. You will also need camping gear, hygiene products, sleeping equipment, first aid kits and vehicle maintenance tools.


Your budget of travelling in Australia will be influenced by peak and off-peak seasons, your duration of stay and the activities you will partake in. You must factor in the cost of the vehicle, the campsite activities, food and other miscellaneous costs.

To have a successful road trip, you need to determine the route, the vehicle you will use, where you will sleep, the budget and the equipment you will need. Moreover, you should choose the season you want to travel in and whether you prefer popular well-travelled roads or less-crowded roads.