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Who Can Install A Private Power Pole?

  • Written by NewsServices.com

Private power poles provide property owners with the freedom to choose where electricity will enter the building. It also offers protection from hazards associated with being directly connected to the street pole. Given the vital role of a private power pole in delivering electricity, a qualified level 2 electrician should be in charge of its installation or repair.

Why is a Level 2 ASP Electrician Required For This Job?

In NSW, licensed electricians have a chance to expand their specializations. NSW's Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Scheme allows accredited organizations to perform contestable work on the NSW electrical distribution network. A level 2 electrician can work on equipment directly connected to a live electrical network. Installing a service line connecting the street pole and the overhead power lines is one work that requires the expertise of a level two electrician.

ASP Qualification

As previously mentioned, the ASP program allows certified level 2 ASP professionals to work on complex installations and repairs. This program offers different levels, which includes the following:

Level 1 ASP Electricians can extend the overhead or underground network to reach the customer's premises. They can also increase the capacity of a network, when necessary.

Level 2 ASP Electricians can install and repair pieces of equipment connected to the main electrical grid. 

Level 3 ASP Electricians are experts who work on the design and provide consultancy services on relocation, upgrades and new installations of overhead and underground electrical service lines. 

Level 2 electrical contractors have undergone training on the ins and outs of installing and repairing electrical equipment connected to the main electrical line. This training includes the best approaches to do electrical installations and repairs.

What Happens in a Private Power Pole Installation?

During private power pole Installations, safety is the number one reason why an electrical level 2 expert is necessary. At The Local Electrician, we follow a process to ensure the integrity and safety of delivering electricity through a private power pole. We first assess the area for possible interference or threat from vegetation or wildlife. Next, we inspect whether the location is possible for connecting the power pole to the point of attachment and the street pole. Third, we remove the old power pole and dig up a hole for the new pole. Once the private power pole is up, we reconnect the new power pole to the electrical network.


What To Do?

If you are located in Sydney, The Local Electrician can help with any private power pole defect. Our ASP Level 2 electricians have spent years training and gaining experience on the best way to install and repair issues affecting these poles and are fully accredited under the Level 2 ASP scheme's qualifications.

 Completing these requirements is a must to have the necessary skills to attend to any electrical issues in homes and commercial spaces. We have also stood out by offering a same-day service guarantee. We have long believed that any emergency needs immediate professional attention. Our L2 electricians are on standby 24/7 and ready to be by the side of any Sydney local within minutes. Contact The Local Electrician now to have the most preferred level 2 electrician in Sydney in your home or business today!