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Coasting through Australia: 5 things you need to know

No matter where you choose to explore, you can never go wrong with Australia. The best time to spend time on the water in Australia is during the autumn and summer. If you want to sail around Australia, then you should prepare. Helpful tips include;

Planning and booking in advance

If you book and pay for your sailing trip around the country in advance, you will secure your place and even get better deals.

Pick the time

You should time your sailing trip with the seasons. Areas such as Whitsundays are great to travel to during the winter and spring while in other areas it could be during summer.

Plan for extra activities

You should plan for any extra activities you would like to do during your sailing trip. For instance, you could fish, scuba dive, snorkel, go for a swim or just do other water activities like waterboarding. You can come with the necessary equipment and gears or rent them before the journey begins. Moreover, you can just sit back in the boat and play your favourite online games to win some cash. To make informed choices, visit casinositesreview for expert advice.

Plan the route

When planning the route, you need to decide where you will make stops and how far your boat can sail in a day. All of this will depend on the boat; the weather conditions and how many people are on the boat.

Choose your destination

There are many interesting places to sail through. There are many places to sail in Australia such as;

Port Jackson

Port Jackson is a great place to explore the wonders of Sydney. In fact, it is among the top sailing destinations in Australia because of the blissful weather and the spectacular scenery.

Port Stephens

Another great place to explore is Port Stephens, aka, The Blue Water Paradise. It has a long stretch of white, pristine sandy beaches. Moreover, it has dolphins and whales. You will enjoy the hot sun, gentle breeze, marine life and spectacular views.

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

If you love sailing, you should head off to this amazing destination that is filled with marsupials. The island is small in size but impressed sailors and cruisers. It has protected nature reserves where you will see wildlife species like marsupials and rock formations.

Rottnest Island

It comes as no surprise that this is a top boating destination for Aussies. This island get-away has spectacular views.

Sailing around Australia is one of the most interesting ways to explore the country dotted by beaches, marsupials, friendly locals and great weather. You can do so many fun water activities and make stops in the tourist attraction sites you want to tick off your bucket list.


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