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5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Australia

Australia is an interesting country that has a spectacular beauty in the form of ancient rainforests, vibrant cities, sand islands, and turquoise beaches. Moreover, the people there are friendly and laid-back. Australia has an endless supply of entertainment activities, including playing in online casino Australia sites. The country has fascinating land-based and online gaming sites for both visitors and locals. The top tourist attraction sites in Australia are;

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

This world heritage site is so big that it can be seen from outer space and is a bucket-list destination site for snorkelers, nature lovers, divers, and island aficionados among others. The marine park was established in 1975 to protect ecosystems. The park has over 3000 coral reefs, six hundred continental islands. The reef is teeming with marine life. In fact, it has over 1,600 species of sharks, dolphins, rays, fishes, turtles, giant clams, and corals. Visitors can view the islands by cruising, taking flights, diving, snorkeling, and taking day trips.

Bondi Beach

Visitors can surf, swim, sunbathe on the sands, or snorkel. You can also take a coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte, visit cafes and restaurants or swim in the ocean pools.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

The park has a red monolith, Uluru, which is a world-heritage site. Uluru is 348 metres high and is among the most photographed land formations in the world. The park also has red dome-shaped rocks named Kata Tjuta. The colours of the two natural formations change as dusk approaches. Visitors can enjoy the sacred sites by going on a tour led by rangers and aboriginal guides.

Blue Mountains National Park

This park has over 664,000 acres of wilderness and is a hiker’s paradise. Visitors can explore the waterfalls, gorges, hiking trails, and aboriginal rock paintings. The most popular landform features are the sandstone rock formations; The Three Sisters. Other interesting places to visit in the park are the Katoomba Scenic Railway, Scenic Walkway, Scenic Cableway, and the Skyway.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island sits between Bundaberg and Brisbane. You will see rainforests, turquoise lakes, wildlife, dunes, and stretches of sea and sand. Travellers can explore the Seventy-Five Mile Beach, the Champagne Pools, and The Cathedrals. On the sea, you can see dolphins, sharks, and whales among other aquatic animals. The island has over three hundred bird species. If you love animals then you will love Fraser island.

Australia is a dream destination for many for a good reason. Other interesting places to explore in the tropical country include the Gold Coast, Kangaroo islands, Alice Springs, Byron Bay, Broome, and the Blue Mountains. You can also visit the Sydney Opera House and the many clubs and restaurants in the area to enrich your travelling experience.