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Top 6 Ways Robotic Pool Cleaners Save You Time and Money

  • Written by NewsServices.com

A pool is a great investment that improves the aesthetics of your home and also offers a fun and enjoyable way to relax, exercise or entertain loved ones. However, many homeowners dread the purification and water sanitation process which may be cumbersome, tiring and energy consuming. Fortunately, a robotic swimming pool cleaner can efficiently remove dirt from water while saving you precious time and money.

They eliminate need for labour

The robots have onboard computer systems, filter components and programming options. All you need to do is plug it to the power supply, switch it on, select a setting and put it in the water. The tool has brushes beneath the vacuum to enable brushing and vacuuming to take place simultaneously.

You will reduce your energy bills

These robots use around 180W to purify water. However, your normal booster pump which is powered by a hydraulic cleaning gadget, requires over 1000W to get the work done. Therefore, when you use a robot, you will avoid using over 82% power. They require low voltage to run and can allow the filter system to function using the lowest flow while lasting for the longest time.

They are self-sustaining

The robots do not need your pump or filter to produce power. All you need to do is plug them to one of the standard electric outlets and press a button. Moreover, they come with filtration for collecting debris and an in-built canister.

They thoroughly remove debris

They remove dirt from all floor and wall surfaces and provide better results compared to other conventional suction or pressure washers. Moreover, they can climb up to the water line and remove all floating debris on the water surface. You can rely on them to remove even the tiniest granules of dirt because they can access every nook and cranny in all types of surfaces.

They cover a wide area of the water surface

These smart gadgets can scan and map out the surface area. Therefore, they can skillfully navigate the area and offer a 90-95% coverage. Moreover, they do not get stuck in corners because they can reverse or go forward.

They improve chemical balance

Some gadgets move water around while removing dirt. This water circulation allows the water to maintain a constant PH. Therefore, you will not need to conduct constant tests to check the chemical level in the water. Moreover, the correct chemical level will reduce the risk of algae regrowth.

If you want to enjoy cool dips in sparkling water throughout all seasons while saving your time and money, just invest in a robotic water purifier. Robots use less power and require no labour. Moreover, they improve the water’s chemical balance, cover a wide surface area, are easily programmable and are self-sustaining as well.