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Airbnb bans party houses

  • Written by Strata Community Association (NSW)


A decision by Airbnb to ban so called party houses has been applauded by the strata sector in New South Wales and should be backed up by stiff penalties and a rethink about how it can be applied to this year’s schoolies celebrations in NSW.


And the ban could end up costing big dollars for parents of this year’s batch of schoolies.


The peak body for the strata sector in NSW says Airbnb party houses have cost apartment, unit, townhouse and other strata owners thousands of dollars in damages and repair bills.


Airbnb announced at the weekend, a worldwide ban on party house bookings and said it would consider legal action against anyone caught out.


The decision has been welcomed by the peak body for the strata sector.


“I think this is terrific news for the strata sector and for owners of apartments, units and townhouses who have had to pay out large sums of money to repair the damage caused by party house use,” Strata Community Association (NSW) State President, Chris Duggan said today.


“Airbnb has done the right thing in this announcement by providing clarification and guidelines for Airbnb bookings.  We welcome their decision. 


“Apart from the noise factor, these party houses have seen a trail of destruction which the owners have had to pay for.


“In the strata sector, Airbnb use in apartments and units has been a major problem for residents and other owners because of damage done to common property.


“Parents of schoolies should be very aware that they may now be held liable given this party house ban.”


Mr Duggan said the Airbnb decision would cause a major rethink about how schoolies would operate this year in NSW.


“The schoolies bookings start about now for NSW destinations so the Airbnb decision and COVID-19 will require a major rethink about schoolies this year.


“The entertainment may be scaled back because of COVID-19, but the bookings will still happen whether border restrictions are in place or not.


“I hope that Airbnb backs up its threat to take legal action for breaches of its no party house policy and that it takes a big stick to those who do the wrong thing.”