Why Is My Toilet Not Flushing?

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No one factor is responsible for toilets not flushing normally. Additionally, the reason behind this plumbing issue can also differ. The location, whether it is in a residential property or a commercial building, and the number of people using it are driving factors for toilets not flushing properly. Given the convenience offered by a toilet, pinpointing the real culprit helps in achieving a long-lasting solution.

Factors That Contribute to Toilets Not Flushing

Apart from putting the toilet under intense pressure, a broken toilet also poses a threat to human health. Identifying the real reason behind the toilet not flushing is vital. The knowledge of what causes the plumbing issue significantly helps in addressing the problem. The following are common factors that contribute to toilets not flushing.

Faulty Toilet Flush Button

The toilet flush button is one of the usual suspects for this plumbing trouble. A malfunctioning button prevents the toilet from flushing as it should. The good thing is that anyone can check whether it is the one responsible for the abnormal behavior. To check whether the toilet flush button is functioning, there should be a sound and water flowing into the toilet. The absence of these indicators could mean an issue with the toilet’s flush valve or fill valve.

Blocked Toilet

A clogged toilet is another common factor that leads to improper flushing in toilets. Human waste flowing back is a clear indicator that the toilet is suffering from a blocked drain. The good news is that there are several easy DIY solutions for this problem. Using a plunger, a plumber’s snake tool and pouring a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar into the toilet are some remedies you can try to get rid of the clogging.

Malfunctioning Cistern

If the flush button nor clogging is the source of the problem, it could be the cistern. A malfunctioning cistern mechanism is usually to blame when the cistern is the culprit. A working cistern will have water present. It will be automatically refilled after pushing the flush button.

Closed Water Shut-off Valve

There are times when simply turning on and off the shut-off valve resolves this plumbing issue. This valve controls the amount of water that goes into the cistern. Another good news is that it is fairly easy to check the status of the shut-off valve. Commonly located where the solver plumbing line meets the wall, turning it either to the left or right will usually let the water come into the toilet. This action is usually enough to have the toilet flushing properly again.

Why Call a 24Hr Emergency Plumber in These Situations?

Having a professional who knows his way around common plumbing emergencies will make the repair quick and reliable. These experts have spent years training and discovering the best approaches to repairing plumbing problems. They also have the needed tools to easily diagnose and provide the best solution to a toilet that’s not flushing and other issues.

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