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Australians missing out due to digital inequality

Get Online Week 2022 (17-23 October) is addressing the issue of the digital divide, with a quarter (28%) of Australians classified as digitally excluded1

Australians are considered ‘digitally excluded’ when they don’t have the affordable access to devices or digital skills they need to keep up in today’s society. With the cost of living steadily rising, low-income communities will find it even harder to access the technologies they need for equal opportunities, thus further widening the digital divide.

Although the digital divide impacts people of all ages and walks of life, it disproportionately impacts older Australians (aged 65+), with 80% finding it difficult to keep up with technology2. Surprisingly, 41% of young people aged 18-34 years old find it difficult to keep up with changing technology3, despite the misconception that they are tech-savvy and quick to adapt to digital changes. 

Australians across all ages also feel anxious about their online safety, with half (43%) saying they feel concerned for their own online safety4, while almost two-thirds (61%) lack confidence in identifying misinformation online5.

The future is digital and with over 90% of jobs expected to require digital skills by 20306 and Australians staying in the workforce for longer7, both older and younger generations need to stay on top of emerging technological trends to ensure they can confidently and safely navigate the internet.

Each year, Good Things Foundation Australia holds Get Online Week to raise awareness around the importance of being connected online, while also building Australians’ digital skills and online confidence through community events. 

This Get Online Week, more than 600 free events are being run by community organisations across the country to support Australians’ digital literacy and combat digital exclusion. To find an event in your area, visit aus.getonlineweek.com or call 1300 795 897.